Eric Walker, Information Security and Network Engineer

Deidre Kelly, Database Architecture

Lashonda Spencer, Software and Website Development

Stephanie Cornish, Network Management

April Jackson, Server Architecture and Support

Lightburne, Inc.

Our Goal

Our Team

Lightburne, Inc.

1203 Carrollsburg PL SW

Washington, DC 20024

571.367.2246 (main)

571.367.2248 (fax)

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional Information Technology services and solutions.

Lightburne, Inc. is a highly focused Information Technology company with a record of building and mentoring high-performance engineering teams.  We are able to lead and function as hands-on subject matter experts in many areas.  We are known for our ability to examine complex issues and design simple user-friendly solutions.  Our ultimate goal is to be adept at improving business processes and inventing new ways to integrate diverse IT systems and environments.